The laboratory information management system has changed the rules of the game when it comes to managing pathological lab around the world. Laboratory Information Management System or LIMS are they are called in the common language is an innovation like no other for the labs of today. From streamlining appointments to sharing the generated reports to patients, the LIMS does it all. But can a LIMS be as useful as it is for the doctor community? In this post, we will share how Doctors can make the best use of the laboratory information management system to make their lives a lot easier.




Scheduling Appointments

The first interaction for any patient with the doctor or his/her clinic is for scheduling an appointment. The LIMS helps to schedule and manage appointments for the doctors automatically by smartly organizing and maintaining the appointment calendar. The sources that can be connected with the LIMS are IVR, Calls, Web Bookings, Mobile App Bookings et al. In fact, the system also helps manage the cancellations to keep the calendar updated at all times.

Patient Records

The laboratory information management system creates a record for every patient walk-in or appointment. To top it up, on the first visit of every patient – the LIMS creates a unique ID and profile for the patients which has a record of their personal information such as Blood Group, Medical conditions, family history and medical history.

Billing and Accounts Management

Being a doctor, your focus should be on treating patients not managing accounts or billing. The laboratory information management system (LIMS) has full-fledged accounts and billing module that makes this task easy for any clinic. So instead of giving manual invoices or having 2-3 full-time employees for the managing the accounts, the clinic can choose LIMS for clear any and all invoices related work.

Regulatory Compliance

Medicine and medical practice are one of the most regulated industries in any country including ours. Regulatory rules of the country need strict following and compliance from all institutions in the medical field. A Lab Information System tracks and traces various levels of security with an audited trail to enable tracing of activity and provide accountability.

Data Analytics for Smarter Decisions

New age LIMS systems are loaded with Management Information Systems (MIS) that make financial, operational, inventory, reports and tests available in various formats. LIMS helps doctors understand data by providing meaningful insights and make accurate projections.

Modern LIMS are changing how the medical industry is functioning. From doctors to pathologists and hospital owners to lab managers, everyone can make use of the LIMS to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. Schedule a demo to learn how CareData Informatics can help you move ahead in the game.

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