With a growing focus on the labs of the future and lab automation increasing day by day, laboratories these days are exposed to enormous amounts of data which earlier they were not used to. Naturally, one of the biggest challenges before them is to effectively manage and use this data. While various storage solutions tried to solve this problem by providing answer to complex data management problems, they have fallen behind as per the ever changing technology needs.

In this post, we will discuss a technology for labs which is creating the maximum buzz – data lake.

To begin with, lets us answer a simple question-

What is a data lake?

The first digitization push of the laboratories happened when lab owners started recording data on the local computer disk. In the initial days, the data was collected and collated together into a basic folder-based repository system. While this easy mechanism remains an easy proposition for the reasons of simplicity and cost effectiveness. But, most businesses are now willing to invest in more advanced data storage solutions to leverage specific capabilities.

It is in this context that the concept of data-lake comes into play. A data lake is basically defined as a storage repository that holds a vast amount of raw data in its native format until it is needed. While the earlier storage solutions used to store data in files or folders as per a specific classification or hierarchy, a data lake uses a flat architecture to store data. Each data element in a lake is assigned a unique identifier and tagged with a set of extended metadata tags. Whenever a query arises, the smart system analyzes the specific data to generate meaningful results.

How to use the data lake?

Storing data in a data lake, to a large extent, takes care of the complex part of the data itself. But even within a data lake, there is a need to standardize data it in some format, so it makes sense. So data is automatically stored to leverage and reuse data. This automatic storage also helps provide real-time analytics and trend analysis.

While big labs were the first to embrace this technology, small labs held back due to the obvious cost factor. Now, they can explore a new plug-in solution called CARE Diva by Caredata, designed specifically for small labs. CARE Diva provides computerized reports for patients, eliminating the need for expensive Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) to manage data. It provides complete packaged functionalities of device interfacing along with a lightweight patient registration and report generation. This enables seamless laboratory automation by providing customized quality reports to patients.

Future in the cloud

As with other industries, cloud storage is fast becoming a mainstay in the lab data space as well. Lab owners can choose to host the entire project on the cloud, from the data-lake storage to the lab informatics and analytics applications.

Here again, CARE Konnekt from Caredata is a unique product waiting to be explored. It is a unique cloud-based middleware solution that helps in efficiently managing the entire lab operations in a typical multi-center environment. With its built-in intelligence, CARE Konnekt enables the lab manager to take seamless control of lab operations, and patients records. It also helps in the improvement of turn around time, and subsequently the treatment outcome and user experience by providing clinically accurate reports in real-time.

The road ahead

As digitization seeps into every aspect of our lives, it is imperative for businesses to keep finding ways to most effectively leverage the data. Removing the barriers to data access should be the potent driving force to unleash the full power of data lakes.

The team at CareData has decades long experience in the industry for healthcare IT and has come up with some of the most innovative solutions for today’s labs. With service and operations spread across India, Middle East, Malaysia and Vietnam etc. CareData is truly a global service provider which is enabling the labs of the future.

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