Do you know that affordable LIMS software doesn’t often come with all the features that are required to run your laboratory efficiently? For starters, it won’t run if the server goes down or if the machine needs recalibration. And not to mention, it is also a potential minefield for hackers.

Why don’t you try a LIMS Software which is cost-effective and yet make your laboratory more efficient?

With rapidly advancing technology, integration of devices with special apps to store and manage information becomes paramount. For smaller organizations and laboratories, cost of a sophisticated laboratory management system can be a major headache.

Introducing Care Diva – Affordable LIMS Software

Care Diva, a plug-in solution solves the problem. Just plug in and enjoy the seamless laboratory automation by providing customized quality reports to patients.

Why Care Diva?

24×7 support

Easier installation & configuration

Customized reports

Super friendly

Eliminate expensive LIMS systems and switch to Care Diva

Cloud-based installation system

Secure data

Specially designed for machine wise patient report generation

Easy modification of analyzer code & mapping

Lightweight patient registration & report generation


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