Everyone could use some help. Even the doctors and technologists in laboratories. Mobile and web apps specifically designed for assisting laboratory personnel can help achieve results faster and more accurately. From things as simple as selecting the most suitable container for an experiment or supporting setup analysis to complex terminology guides, there are myriad apps out there which can increase efficiency and productivity in medical labs.

medical-laboratory-technician-appsTake for example the Flow Cytometry App by Thermo Fisher Scientific which helps find the right fluorescent reagents, kits and protocols for cell biology–related flow cytometry applications. Or the ChemSearch app from the same company that lets you search chemicals by not just names or chemical formulae but also by chemical structures that the user can draw. These are both examples of product selection apps that helps lab personnel choose the right product, filters or instruments for testing.

Many apps today integrate your existing mobile devices for controlling instruments or gathering data. For example, the Hanna Lab App allows devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 8.0 or more to function as a pH meter by linking them to a Hanna Instruments HALOTM pH probe. The data can be logged in manually or automatically, as well as shared with others. Product control apps such as Thermo Scientific Smart-Tracker can track samples that need 24/7 monitoring by enabling lab managers to remotely check the sample’s temperature, location and other details without using any dedicated equipment. Resolution MD is another HIPAA compliant app that allows radiologists and doctors to remotely view high quality 3D, interactive scans on their smartphones and tablets, collaborate with other doctors and diagnose remotely.

Knowledge and reference apps, on the other hand, help train new personnel and provide reference information for continued education of new lab hires with minimum investment. The UpToDate app, for instance, allows clinicians to fetch answers to their questions. The app is updated regularly and technologists can even earn education credits by using it to learn.

Medical technologists who regularly need to communicate with billing, inventory or coding departments or handle these details themselves may find the ICD 10 Lite app a life saver. This voice enabled app allows multiple options to browse codes, view diagnoses and organise information.

Besides these specialised apps, there are many support apps such as laboratory scientific calculators, apps to generate MS word compatible reports using mobile devices and those that support safety functions. Is there an app that you find highly useful in your diagnostic laboratory? Let us know in the comments below.

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