Every business which is done in today’s world carries with itself some risks and hazards related to that industry. Even the business of managing a pathology lab is not immune to risks. But all these risks can be overcome by installing a modern Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).

The growth in the lab business is being fueled by the implementation of technology in the core functioning, the Lab Information System in particular. But can implementation of technology make you immune to business risks? Well, the answer is NO. Not all risks can be covered, but many common ones can. Here are the top 4 ways in which LIMS takes care of your lab while you take care of your business.

Sample Mismanagement:

A common risk for a lab is mismanagement of collected samples or losing the collected samples while under processing. A Lab Information Management System creates a unique batch and number for every sample created with bar codes. This number is used to track all actions performed against the sample. In fact, the unique number allows real time tracking of samples where technicians and pathologists can actually manage the complete workflow on their computer screen. This allows benefits like correct reporting, eliminates chances of mix ups, faster turnaround and improved regulatory compliances.

Chances of Human Error and Contamination:

It can be a nightmare for any lab if data accuracy is compromised due to human errors and contamination. A modern Lab Information System aids data accuracy and eliminates chances of human error in data entry operations. Modern LIS such as CARE LabTrak from Care Data Infomatics have the power to automate data and tasks on a single platform. An improved performance of the system reduces needs for retesting, which in turn saves time and money for the lab.

Regulatory Compliance Issues:

In an industry such as healthcare which is highly regulated, a strict adherence and compliance to medical institutions is a norm. A Lab Information System tracks and traces various levels of security with an audited trail to enable tracing of activity and provide accountability.

Out of Stock Inventory:

Out of stock inventory can be shameful for the best of the labs. There is nothing worse than a patient coming in for tests and the staff reporting that the test is not possible due to inventory being out of stock. The inventory module in Lab Information Systems can automate purchases. Yes, it is possible! Automated purchases are now possible through predictive reordering and expiration alerts. Thus eliminating wastage, control pilferages and cut costs apart from the most important factor of turning down a client due to non-availability of things.

It cannot be stressed enough that Lab Information Systems are the real game changer in the pathology lab industry. But what is even more important for a pathologist or a lab owner is choosing the LIS which would perform all the modern function expected from it and accomplish all that while saving costs for the lab.

Are you a doctor, pathologist, hospital owner or lab owner? Check out our website to learn how CareData Infomatics can help you move ahead in the game.

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