The healthcare ecosystem is constantly moving towards more optimistic and promising technological advancements to cope up with the increasing demand for a better life. Healthcare transition from a cost for service to value based care has opened up adoption of latest technologies. The development of automated systems has shown a ray of hope in managing the humungous amount of workload. All through these years, labs have been dependent on human force to run processes manually – ranging from sample storage, retrieval and its journey inside a lab.

The use of automated systems has rapidly increased the lab’s throughput, monitoring and managing every data with least possibility of errors. The existing operations are too inflexible and create a void when expectations increase with increasing volume and complexity of data. This has opened up the scope for new generation software such as Laboratory Information management and middleware solutions which would not only mimic the lab workflow but provide automated solutions into one integrated management system.

Highly integrated capacity of the software is expected to effectively manage fluctuations from actuals, standardization of processes, balanced workloads, alerting the right person thereby effective use of time, consistent and predictable turnaround times for all samples, automatic visual flags for immediate comparison of results in real time basis, rule based reflex tests configuration and just in time inventory to name a few.

Intelligent Middleware solutions for control and monitoring various processes

Utilization management: Capturing reagent consumption for each uniquely done test to identify the exact consumption scenario and use it further for inventory based statistics.

Minimizing complexity in trouble shooting: Keeping tap on the equipment performance and calculating the historical Mean time between failures (MTBF) to understand the analyser throughput and also inform directly to the service provider and reduce wastage of time and efforts.

Shrinking pool of qualified personnel and increasing workload: Monitoring all the laboratory instruments and automation from a single location designed to enable remote visibility of system performance and evaluate operator productivity

Addressing quality issues: A real time detection of performance can be evaluated with QC rules configured at both test and instrument level with readily accessible results and statistics on a daily basis.

Healthcare IT solutions have a wide scope to combat the impact of qualified staffs, error free continuous monitoring, and increasing turnaround time, eliminating errors and improving accuracy.

With the current technology trend of healthcare industry Caredata Infomatics rightly positions itself to deliver quality products suiting to entire health care ecosystem.

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