Everyone is saying that a Laboratory Information Management System is a must to run the lab of the future. But is there any truth to it? In this post, we try to uncover sure shot signs that you a need a Lab Information Management System to make your lab journey smooth.

Every functioning lab has its own culture, of how you treat your customers, how you handle samples, how you generate reports and share with the customers. While everything may look good to your eyes, but there are some signs that are demanding you shift to a new generation LIMS. Here are some of them:

upgrading-to-new-limsProcess Speed

Yes, manual processes are being done since very long. But if there is something you cannot control, it is the turnaround time in your lab. With no automation, all processes are dependent on human intervention. Processes on a Laboratory Information Management System means that all standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are followed strictly and there is no deviation. Not only does this mean real time information to customers and patients but also better patient outcomes.

Spending too much on daily transactions

If it is cost effectiveness that you are looking for, LIMS is the way to go. A good Lab Information Management System cuts down on a lot of manual work that is performed by your employees, especially transactional items like documentation. Why would you want your employees to spend their important paid time on such transactional things?  LIMS helps to cut down on manpower costs as most of the work is done automatically.

Too many errors in your reports

If there is one thing that a laboratory cannot do is make errors in its reports. If you notice that you are unable to provide error free reports to your customers, it may be time to invest in a Lab Information Management System. LIMS automates a lot of actions by reducing human intervention. The software follows all SOP’s that may be sometimes ignored by your employees in order to provide a quick solution or report – hence the scope of error is reduced significantly while the process is made faster.

Difficult to retrieve data

Data availability is one thing, but data retrieve-ability is totally another ball game. Does it happen that your employees are unable to find records or take too much time to retrieve old records of a patient? The LIMS is the solution to your problems. Data in LIMS is stored on servers and computers, which is highly accessible from any computer on the network. All it takes is a few clicks on the computer and data references appear on the screen. So no need to wait for a long time to access an old report or patient history.

Slow Decision Making

The modern labs need to be ready for an ever changing market and customer needs. This calls for a faster decision making for the lab. If the clinician gets the diagnostic report made faster, the faster will be a patient’s recovery and it would be better on the patient care index. With an automated system such as LIMS, all departments of the lab would be integrated and inter connected. This would, in turn, improve the quality of patient care, results, and turnover for the lab with the accessibility of real time information.

The above-mentioned points are just some references and there exists a lot many things that go unnoticed like lack of control on processes and regulatory needs without a Laboratory Information Management System.

Automation in today’s laboratories is inevitable. So for improving the patient experience, increasing employee motivation and increasing operational & cost efficiency – LIMS cannot be ignored.

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