B2B Client registration

CARE LabTrak is designed keeping in mind the needs of B2B clients. If corporate clients are a major chunk of your clientele, CARE LabTrak is the solution for all your problems. Just register the new corporate client as an account and map every employee walk-in with the company ID. The tree branch design of the software will do the rest and ensure registration to billing, everything is simple.

Camp Registration and Billing

It is the need of the hour for lab to market themselves directly to the customer. Setting up camps at various locations is an essential part of this process. While B2C customer registration is easy with CARE LabTrak but you wouldn’t want to put customers in a tight spot by asking too many questions. So what should you do? Easy, CARE LabTrak Camp Registration feature will be your saviour in this time of need. The Camp Registration feature helps make an account for every camp done. Walk in customers there simply give their name, age, email ID and mobile number & CARE LabTrak will make a trackable record for your CRM. Plus, you can send report and feedback directly to the mapped clients to keep the engagement going.


Facility to generate due Bill

Invoicing is a major headache for the best of your employees and accountants. To solve the problem, the software allows the facility to generate due bills for the every patient. In fact you can also generate an aging report of the bills that have been left unpaid. The system also has the option to send reminders of due bills as and when required.

Item and Bill Level Discount

A major problem with many of the world’s laboratory information management systems is accounting for discounts in every invoice. While some systems are designed to provide individual item discounts others only allow total invoice discount. The modern LabTrak allows the use of both, unit and total discount to provide more flexibility.

Bill Cancel/Refund option – Bill/Item Wise

The software it designed in such a way that every item you punch in the invoice is custom configurable. In fact you have full power to cancel the complete bill anytime or cancel individual items in the bill. To top it all, you don’t need to worry about the financial implication of the transaction, the software will do it for you.

Set Discount Allowable/Not allowable in masters in billing

If you are familiar with billing and invoicing, you would agree that it’s the most difficult and time taking task in any organization. Pathological labs are no different. The software is customizable to such an extent that the manager has the power to allow for discount or not allow for discounts in the master billing.

Add sample collected by rider for clients in bill

Almost every lab today gives the convenience of home sample collection to its clients. The LIMS design is such that it makes adding home sample collection charges to the bill a simple process. The collected sample can be punched against the patient unique ID or mobile number and you are done. Invoicing will be automatically done at the time of next bill generation.

 Payment Gateway

Multiple Mode of Pay to settle Bill – Cash/CC/Cheque

Cash is not the only king anymore. There are multiple ways through which patients want to pay for their tests and visits to a lab, namely Cash, Credit Cards, Cheques and now even mobile wallets. The integrated finance module allows multiple payment options to the patients to save them from any inconvenience that arises from the situation.


Ability to book tests and provide appointment from a Phlebotomists Schedule

The patients have the option of looking at the appointment schedule and making bookings for the available slots to have their tests conducted at the lab. The system is so detailed that it also allows to book appointments with phlebotomist to save time. All that, simply clicking on your computer.

Ability to assign Phlebotomist (region-wise)

Staff planning and availability is very critical for a smooth lab functioning. The LIMS does that for you by assigning technicians and phlebotomists as per the demand and supply gap. In fact there is also an option where you can assign phlebotomists region wise based on language requirements and skill sets of the staff.

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