People say that a patient centric approach and positive patient experience is the reason why some labs in the city are the absolute favorites than others. Yes, that is true – but to an extent. What happens when almost all labs vying for the patients follow the same approach, what is the one thing that is bound to set your lab apart from the rest of the clutter?

It’s the Lab Information System.

Yes, automation is the experience that everyone likes. A seamless system where everything is ‘Convenient’. From schedule management to report management, things are error free and automated.

A lot is being said and talked about what should be the ‘asks’ from the future of Lab Information Systems? Here is what experts have to say:


Growing lab business is easy when the Lab Information System (LIS) is cloud based. Initiating collections and generating reports becomes easy and manageable when all master data is available at one place. All centers can be managed at one single and secure platform while they may function independently.

Never Run Short of Supplies

What can be worse than asking patients to revisit when your lab is short of supplies? The new gen Lab Information System can help to end pilferage and unnecessary spending. Consumption based inventory alerts should enable purchase through predictive reordering and expiration alerts.

Track Samples

A Lab Information System must enable you to fully track your inventory and track samples real time. After all, no one likes to be kept in the dark in the age of technology.

Visual Flags

A must have for a modern Laboratory Information System is automatic visual flags for immediate comparison of results in real time against defined clinical standards.

Error Free Reporting

By integrating lab equipment and devices on a single platform, lab operations improve exponentially. This, in turn, allows automatic transfer of data from the devices to the Lab Information System, eliminating manual effort, oversight and reducing errors.

Seamless Integration

Everyone prefers the freedom of choice and that’s what modern Lab Information Systems should provide. From the old age LIS which worked on planned applications and devices, the systems have moved to being device and application agnostic. So it shouldn’t matter if you use a different application for RCM (Revenue Cycle Management), the LIS should be able to seamlessly collect order information from the vendor of your choice and publish 100% accurate values.

Today, the Laboratory Information System industry is seeing challenges that didn’t exist back in the days. To manage operations in such a day, a robust, agile and modern LIS is needed – but what is the answer to those challenges?

The answer is CARE LabTrak!

CARE LabTrak from CAREDATA is a result of the team’s rich experience of 2 decades in the healthcare IT domain. CARE LabTrak not only addresses the laboratories current needs and pain areas but also offer unmatched power and flexibility of cloud computing, scalability for multi-center and multi-device operations and real time control & monitoring of labs from a remote center.

Embrace CARE LabTrak to expand your business, process more samples, and increase your revenues dramatically. Visit our website to know more about the Future of Lab Information System!

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