cloud middleware solution for labs


The product supports all the evolving business processes that drives the lab business and has built in product features that cater to the needs of all the stake holders in the lab eco system.

CARE Konnekt is a unique cloud based middleware solution from CARE DATA that adds immense value to the Lab Manager in efficiently managing the entire lab operations in typical multicenter environment. With its built-in intelligence, CARE Konnekt enables the Lab Manager and Investor alike to take complete seamless control of your Lab operations, your patients and improvement of TAT’s and subsequently the treatment outcome and user experience,by providing clinically accurate reports on time,every time.

CARE Konnekt empowers you to take key business decisions on “Real Time” basis and continuously provides deeper insights on areas of improvement. The CARE Konnekt pays back its investment multifold in just a short span.

Key Benefits:

Device control: Monitor and control all your lab devices from the comfort of your mobile phone/ TAB / Lap top computer.

Intelligent dashboards: An intuitive dashboard displays lab devices that are spread across the chain of the labs, its status as (Active and Inactive) and prompts icon in the form of raising a service call to the machine supplier.

Load balancing: Allows intelligent use of available resources and assets and ensures load balancing of work load across the centres through real time monitoring of Active/Non Active devices.

Management by exception:

Dashboard provides insight on the clinical aspects of the patient reports and puts in perspective the number of abnormal reports generated for the day, number of panic value reports generated for the day so that as a Lab Owner you can take preventive measures and subsequently plan for the maintenance.

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