LIMS for Small Labs

CARE Diva (LIMS for Small Labs)

The medical technology field has been constantly advancing with the advent of new and reliable diagnostic techniques. Further, introduction of these latest techniques has led to the rapid decline of the existing technologies, thereby demanding a replacement of the existing systems to efficiently manage the data thereafter. To address this need, practices of all sizes demand the integration of devices with special applications to store and manage information.

Small throughput labs cannot extensively spend money on special software applications. To bridge this gap, Care Data introduces ‘CARE Diva’.

‘CARE Diva’ is one of a kind plug in solution for use by small throughput labs. This application helps in providing computerised reports for patients eliminating the need for expensive LIS systems to manage data. It provides complete packaged functionalities of device interfacing along with a light weight patient registration and report generation. This enables seamless laboratory automation by providing customized quality reports to patients.

Key Advantages:

  1. User Friendly
  2. Easy to install
  3. Easy to configure
  4. Customized Report
  5. Support 24/7

Advanced Features:

  • Cloud based installation System
  • Secured customer data

Why DIVA is different from others?

  • DIVA is mainly designed for machine wise patient report generation
  • Customer can easily modify analyser code and its mapping
  • Registration and ordering for each machine
  • Unique ID will be generated for processing the sample.
  • Online and offline results entry screen with remarks and doctor comments
  • Basic configuration in systems is enough to install the application

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