LIMS for Small Laboratories

Introducing CARE DIVA

Caredata’s solution for small labs
LIMS for Small Labs
Automation Software for Laboratories
Transforming lab workflow
through automation

Improved Accuracy, Improved Robustness

Software for lab owners
Improve clinical process using Caredata
Enhance patient care and
improve clinical processes

Know how it works

Improve patient care using caredata
Improve clinical process using Caredata

Healthcare Management Made Effortless

Compact data management with minimized possibility of error occurrence

Increase Revenues and Profit

Powerful MIS dashboards with fingerprint metrics to keep a track on trends and projections for maximizing revenues

Increase Brand Reputation

Ensures a delightful patient experience throughout and attracts referrals through happy patients

Optimize Productivity

Maximize productivity by leveraging automation and EMR flow across departments.

Streamlined Operations

Increase emphasis on efficiency in healthcare delivery through integrated operations

Our Suite of Healthcare IT Products

 Developing products that cater to the entire healthcare eco system



Care Lab Trak is a complete suite of features ranging from Patient Registration, Billing, till Report Dispatch. Care Lab Trak takes care of the Pre-examination Phase, Examination Phase, Post Examination phases



Care Konnekt is a technology product that combines the features of seamless device integration and with value added features like Asset Management, Control and Monitoring Tool, Reagent Consumption Tracking


LIMS For Small Labs

CARE Diva is one of a kind plug in solution for use by small throughput labs. This application helps in providing computerised reports for patients eliminating the need for expensive LIS systems to manage data.


Lab Device Interface

Device Interface (DI) provides a medium to maximise the potential of the lab analyzers. These interfaces provide automation in successful transmission of test results from the Analyzers to the Lab information software.



Care Smiles is a result of crystallized vision of automating lab operations for all clinical laboratories. It makes billing more simple, results entry more accurate and reporting much easier for customers

The Future of Digital Healthcare

Caredata delivers market-proven software and services that enhance business productivity and agility by providing comprehensive State-Of-The-Art solutions with a key focus on the Healthcare Sector. Thriving on technology and technical expertise, Caredata products are designed to enable customers to improve operational efficiency and gain competitive edge by offering powerful and comprehensive features. Designed with the end user in mind, our products offer unparalleled simplicity in use, thus ensuring easy adaptability.

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