Software Solutions for Laboratories
Cloud based Lab Management Software


Cloud based Lab Management system CARE LabTrak helps you to bring orderliness into your workflow and enables you to monitor and take corrective actions and continuous improvement at all the stages of lab process right from sample collection to dispatch of results. Every feature is designed with the intent of improving the clinical accuracy, improving the revenue/efficiency & reducing the cost.



The product supports all the evolving business processes that drives the lab business and has built in product features that cater to the needs of all the stake holders in the lab eco system.

Middleware Software for Lab Business
Care Diva budget LIMS Software


The medical technology field has been constantly advancing with the advent of new and reliable diagnostic techniques. Further, introduction of these latest techniques has led to the rapid decline of the existing technologies, thereby demanding a replacement of the existing systems to efficiently manage the data thereafter. To address this need, practices of all sizes demand the integration of devices with special applications to store and manage information.



Device Interface (DI) provides a medium to maximise the potential of the lab analyzers. These interfaces provide automation in successful transmission of test results from the Analyzers to the Lab information software. These interfaces are capable of exporting test results and integrating with any third part LIMS.

Device Interface System for Labs
Care Smiles Practice Management software

Practice Management System

CARE Smiles takes care of all the business functions of any scale outpatient healthcare organization. Care Smiles brings in the ease of management of critical patient related information including demographics, insurance claims etc. It streamlines most of the time-consuming tasks through managed workflow thereby increasing efficiency.

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