Many of the modern day pathological labs are moving to a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) which is based in the cloud server instead of the traditional on premise servers. There are several reasons for this paradigm shift in the industry ranging from the ease of access it provides to its cost effectiveness in comparison to owned servers. But with all said and done, there is a chunk of labs that still prefer using in house servers in comparison to cloud based solutions. The reason for this decision they say is data security. But is data stored on cloud servers really not secure?

securing-your-lims-dataContrary to the perception that they carry, cloud based software are the safest form of technology on offer in the world. A lot has been said and talked about having control on data with in house data storage, but frankly some of the world’s greatest minds would agree that cloud is the as safe as ‘if not safer’ in comparison to owned premise based servers.

The main concern is cited as, ‘data, once out of the hand means it is out of control’. Which is not actually the case. IT companies across the world believe, if done right, data security is highest in cloud based storage. To put things into perspective, consider the quote by the Director of Security for Google Apps who states that moving data to cloud is a shift in paradigm similar to shifting your jewelry out of your cupboard drawer and transferring to a bank locker.

While cloud computing does mean ceding control from the hands of the data owner to the IT service provider, but it certainly doesn’t mean letting go of data security from your hands. In simpler words, the IT company person can protect your data better than you because – his/her only job is securing your data. The cloud based storage brings in a level of expertise into the complete system which some of the world’s biggest corporations will be unable to achieve – let alone an independent lab or a chain of pathological labs. Also, what cannot be ignored is the fact that cloud data security is so much more cost effective as all the costs related to security are spread over a large number of service consumers unlike the traditional format where only you use the service. Another added advantage is the geographical diversity. Since under normal circumstances the cloud service provider is not located in the same premises as your office, there is minimum or no chance of any calamity taking out both the data centers.

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