The last decade has seen a tremendous change in the way laboratories are run and managed. From what used to be smelly corners in hospitals the labs of today have become swanky, modern and state of the art. The introduction of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) has contributed to this change in the outlook and work style at pathological laboratories. The LIMS has today become a ‘must have’ if you are running a lab that focuses on quality of results. While installation of the laboratory information management system is not difficult, it can turn to shake a budget for a small lab. But then why would someone still install it? The answer is ‘Future’. LIMS is the future of labs, not only do these help in rendering quality output – LIMS is also known to keep the lab employees happy and satisfied. How? Read on…

Employees are the single most important resource in the laboratory – it is utmost important to keep the employees satisfied.

In this blog post, we will share some of the ways through which LIMS help in keeping employee satisfaction ticker always high.

No More Manual Work

Consider a situation where a front office employee has to receive hundreds of calls every day to schedule appointments and then follow up on these appoints by sending out manual SMS’s and calls as reminders. To make things even more difficult, there are always patients who may need to reschedule their appointments to a different time or day. If all this was done manually, it would take a mental toll on the employee. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) automates the process of appointments and rescheduling appointments. Everything is available online and managed automatically which keeps employees stress free.

No Committing Errors

The single most disappointment for any employee is when he or she commits an error in reporting. It may be due to a wrong test result, wrong data entry or others – the reasons can be anything from emotional to physical to mental. With the implementation of LIMS, all such tasks are automated. From the patients booking appointments to patients receiving test reports on their registered email ID. All these tasks help in error free reporting in labs and the onus moves away from employees. Hence, a happier employee.

Simplification of work and Productivity

With automation, the power to simplify the tedious time consuming tasks is an added advantage. This means that all those things that the employees used to perform but were non-critical can now be done by a computer with the click of a button. It leaves employees with ample time to work on critical processes and eases the work pressure of doing too many things. It also is very beneficial for employees by increasing their productivity. Thus, leaving employees motivated as they are able to achieve more in less time.

Skill Development

Skill development is one of the most important reasons why employees stay in an organization. If the skills of an employee are getting honed, he or she is more likely to stay with the organization. Not only does this mean that employees will benefit, but it also allows them enough time to solve actual problems in the lab for a smoother functioning. With LIMS being the future of laboratories, every employee who manages or works on the software is bound to be feeling motivated by adding new skills to their CV.

Noted business tycoon Richard Branson once said, “Keep your employees happy, they will take care of your clients.” A quote which goes a long way in establishing that employees are the most important resource in any organization. To experience the difference in the work culture and work standard at your lab, reach out to CareData Inc.the leading healthcare IT company.

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