Marketing your laboratory should not always be about which lab has the deepest pockets and which lab has the most money to spend on expensive marketing activities. In today’s modern world everything and everyone is connected to the internet. Your reputation as a laboratory reaches far more than the typical newspaper advertisement would.

With this post, we would be covering tips on how to market your laboratory business without burning a hole in your pocket. So laboratory owners, managers, promoters, and employees take note and get ready to build that much-wanted brand awareness for your lab!

marketing-strategy-for-laboratory-servicesA Functional Website

With every person carrying an internet-enabled smartphone in their pocket, information is easy to get. The first thing that any patient would do is search online and go through your website to understand your practice, services, and reviews. Of course, this does not hold true in the case of medical emergencies – but still is a norm for most cases. Priority should be to build a website that responds to the patients or client’s needs. Supply him or her with the information that they are looking for about your lab. Focus on giving health information that is useful to them. Maybe you can talk about preventive care and ways to live a healthy life on the website. A first impression is the last impression, if the patients understand that you care for them – they will start trusting you as a health partner.

Facebook and Other Social Media

Almost every person is available on some platform of social media. For some Facebook is their preferred choice while others may rely on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay connected to the world. These virtual platforms can help you reach the innermost personal circle of a person through engaging posts. Try to appear on social media news feeds as much as possible to get the ‘Top of Mind Recall’ for any patient when in need. Share useful tips on social media to keep them interested.

Search Engine Optimization of your website

The potential customer when in need of information is going to hit Google. Correct? Make sure your laboratory is displayed at the top when the customer reaches ‘Best Laboratory in the city’ or ‘Top Pathology Lab for Tests’. That’s the power of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Your website developer can help you here, focus on specific keywords and the game is on. No need to hire a full-time resource for this task, a few minutes every day by an experienced consultant can do the trick.

Word of Mouth and Internal Marketing

You know what is the best form of marketing? It’s the word of mouth from current patients and current employees. Every person is a spokesperson. So treat your employees well and keep your patients satisfied, just these two together can do what is required the most for your lab.

Email Shootout

Whenever a patient or client visits your laboratory, try to gauge as much information as possible. Maintaining a subscriber email list can be very useful while disseminating information. Share beneficial information with patients on the basis of their illness record. Not only it shows the patients that you know your field, it also helps to show that you care for their well being. Maintaining a communication channel is very useful for spreading out good word, building the brand and having the top of the mind recall for patients.

Automate your Operations

Provide patients with a chance to say WOW when they visit your lab. Usually, patients and relatives visit the lab when they are in need of medical attention, make their visit experience easy, simple and as stress-free as possible. A good Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) can really help streamline processes and improve the patient experience from the registration counter to the final collection of reports.

It cannot be stressed enough that Lab Information Systems are the real game changer in the pathology lab industry. But what is even more important for a pathologist or a lab owner is choosing the LIMS which would perform all the modern function expected from it and accomplish all that while saving costs for the lab.

Follow these simple tips and notice the difference it brings to your laboratory business. You will be amazed at the results yourself.

If you are you a doctor, pathologist, hospital owner or lab owner who is in search for LIMS solution for their lab, schedule a free demo to learn how CareData Informatics can help you move ahead in the game.

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